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I decided to employ a doula for my second child in hopes of avoiding the crazed and seemingly hectic event that was my first labor and delivery. I found Tammy during my first trimester and she made me and my family feel comfortable and in control of our experience from the moment we hired her. She was (and still is) prompt and thorough when attending to my questions and concerns. She is a wealth of love and support and resources and has a large circle of professionals she calls upon to get multiple opinions which helped me make the best decisions for my family. Tammy taught me to trust my body and relax with its natural rhythms. She inspired me to think critically about my choices throughout my pregnancy and choose to be as organic as was right for me. Although my body did not progress through my labor the way I had hoped, Tammy was patient with me and helped me be patient. I ended up needing Pitocin and felt heartbroken about deviating from my plan as severely as I had to. Tammy instilled courage and strength in me and my husband. She was steadfast with her peaceful words and presence and followed thru with her role the way we had planned. She was instrumental in making the day our beautiful baby girl completed our family a positive and meaningful one. I hold Tammy in the highest regard and hope we become lifelong friends.

Much love!
SC & Family

My husband and I wanted something far more natural and magical for the birth of our second baby. After having been regretfully pressured into drugs the first time, I went on a mission to find the best doula and ensure a great experience to the best of my ability. I knew the moment I met Tammy that she was the perfect advocate for us… so strong and supportive, with wonderful energy and focus and a heart of gold. I felt so safe and protected with Tammy in our presence, watching over us like a Mother Lioness! Though Tammy was incredibly thorough during our preparation together, what we found most amazing thing about her was her instinctive ability to know just what was needed and when, without words. Thanks in large part to Tammy, we had a near fairytale birthing experience - one we will always cherish.

Thank you,

With her bright, soulful & welcoming eyes, we knew Tammy was the doula for us within minutes of meeting her! Tammy was flexible, supportive & just as excited as we were when well into my pregnancy we decided to have our baby at home! My husband & I initially questioned the need for the additional support a doula (Tammy) would bring since included in our homebirth plan was the presence of a midwife. But, we trusted our intuition which told us that Tammy was an important part of our experience & boy was she! After laboring for 24 hrs on our own, we knew it was time for Tammy! She was MY ROCK keeping me hydrated & well-massaged; guiding me through contractions to monitor my breath & tone, encouraging various positions and most of all staying by my side, smiling & gently supporting both my husband & I for well over 12 hours! The birth of our son is one of the most amazing experiences of our lives and Tammy helped us bring him into the world in a calm, gentle and loving way! Tammy's fairy wings must be hiding somewhere because she is a magical and priceless gift to have during your pregnancy and most importantly on the day you give birth!

Mel, Eric & Max

My husband and I, Oscar and Kim Benitez were very pleased with the services that Tammy Leeper, "Our Doula" provided. She was very Caring and Emotionally "Nurturing" before and during our delivery of our second child. We wished that we had known of her services for the delivery of our first child as well. We highly recommend Tammy to anyone that is to deliver especially if it is their first pregnancy. Thank you so much Tammy for all your help!

The Benitez Family

Tammy was supportive, encouraging and knowledgeable during our prenatal visits and my birth. She made us feel like she cared about our particular birth, that we were more than a job. She definitely does her job with a lot of love and concern for her clients. With Tammy as my doula my birthing experience was enhanced, she was great!

Thank you,
T.L. & M.E.

Tammy Leeper - Birth DoulaWhen I found out I was pregnant with my second child, I decided that I was going to have a VBAC. After doing some research, I was convinced that having a knowledgeable advice of a doula would help me be successful. I sent out emails to the doulas in my area. Tammy's response was one of the first that I received. From the beginning Tammy was prompt, detail oriented, thorough and friendly. Once my husband and I met her, we knew that we wanted her to be our doula. Throughout pregnancy, labor and birth she supported all of our decisions and made sure that we were aware of all our options and the potential outcomes of decisions that we made. She helped me formulate and complete a concise birth plan. We became so familiar with the birth plan that even though when we went to the hospital without it, we followed it exactly. Throughout my 30 hour labor, Tammy was not only a tremendous help to me by keeping me focused on my goals, but to my husband as well who needed someone on his side as he helped me to avoid unnecessary interventions. She supported our decision to find a new doctor 20+ hours into labor when ours refused to respect our goals, even though the baby and I were not at risk. Throughout my transition, Tammy was by my side, helping me to properly position my baby. Throughout my delivery she was by my side reminding me to breathe and tuck my chin. After 18 minutes of pushing, our healthy baby girl came into the world by vaginal delivery. Tammy stayed with us until we had successfully nursed and settled into sweet sleep. We are so grateful for Tammy's support and advice. We actually needed her even more than we thought we would. I'm not sure we would have had the experience we desired without her help.

Love and thanks,
The Kunkle Family

Thanks to Tammy I had an amazing natural childbirth with no medical intervention. From the moment we met she informed and guided me in the direction of the birthing experience I wanted. She was able to provide me with the information I needed to decide against having an unnecessary induction before my baby was ready to come out. During my labor she was an excellent liaison between myself and the hospital staff and she made me feel safe. I could not have had the birthing experience I had without her.

S. & D.V.

Tammy had not yet taken training or received certification as a labor and birth doula when she was there for me for my sons birth. Her calming presence and constant reassurance helped me get through my labor. She really helped me refocus my feelings of doubt, pain and anxiety. I am thankful she was there for me and because she is my sister, the experience was all the more special. Thank you, Tammy.


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